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FL Exotic Animal Incidents

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Captive Wildlife Incidents in Florida

The following is a partial listing of incidents involving captive
wildlife in Florida since 1990. This list was last updated on March 6,

The photo at right was in 2005 when a released python pet ate a 6 foot long alligator and burst open.

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Persons Killed 9

Persons Injured 66

Escaped 63

Pets Killed 12

Reported incidents in FL 144

Florida has more exotic animal incidents than any other state. See charts here.

October 29, 2007 Port St. Lucie, FL: Raymond Hunter, 44, something of a local guru on poisonous snakes, remained in critical condition late today after one of his pets, a diamondback rattlesnake, sunk its fangs into his right hand early Saturday morning. In 1999, Hunter pleaded no contest to charges of fraudulently obtaining a controlled substance, for which he was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison. This is hardly the first time a snakebite has sent the Cobraman to the hospital. Hunter's website,, chronicles his past bites with photos of himself in intensive care and close-ups of his own fingers, gnarled, swollen, discolored and bloodied from the bites of vipers, cobras and rattlesnakes.

December 31, 2006 TARPON SPRINGS, FL: A 14-foot python bit its handler
and tried to drag her into its cage during a show at an aquarium, and wouldn't
release the woman until a police officer zapped the reptile with a stun gun.
Alison Cobianchi, 18, was taking Chloe, a Burmese python, out of her cage for
the daily snake presentation Saturday at the Tarpon Springs Aquarium when the
snake wrapped itself around her arm and waist. Cobianchi suffered puncture
wounds on her wrist. "It was definitely the most scary and painful thing
that has ever happened to me," she said. "I knew I wasn't going to
die, but I was worried I wouldn't get my hand back." Aquarium owner Scott
Conger said Chloe bit him once while he was feeding her, but Cobianchi is the
first employee seriously injured. He said the snake show was canceled indefinitely.

December 11, 2006 Jacksonville, FL: Julie
Johnson’s fears were eased after a man rescued her pet bobcat, who got
himself stuck in a tree a week ago and would not come down. She was concerned
that with recent freezing temperatures and no food or water, the 7 month old
bobcat's life may have been in danger as he precariously clung to a small branch
80 feet above the ground.

December 7, 2006 Coral Gables, FL: Goya
Foods executive Francisco Unanue hired Corinne Oltz of Wild Animal World to
bring a 62-pound cougar to entertain his 7 year old and their guests. The
party ended badly when the cougar mauled a 4-year-old guest. The Kendall-based
Wild Animal World -- who has been cited in two similar past attacks -- faces
a misdemeanor charge of allowing injury to the public. The girl suffered severe
lacerations to her eyelid, left cheek and ear. Doctors sewed back part of her
severed ear. Georgia, the cougar, was euthanized last week as part of
a rabies test. In 1999, Oltz was cited in a similar attack, also in Coral
Gables. In 2001, a Wild Animal World leopard attacked a child at a company
picnic in Broward County. "That one was a fraction of an inch from going
to the brain stem. That would have killed the kid instantly," remembered
FFW Lt. Pat Reynolds, who is investigating the Coral Gables attack.

December 5, 2006
Tampa, Hillsborough County, FL:
A 15 foot long
Burmese python was found dead on the county's biking trail where children often
walk to and from their bus stops.

November 28, 2006 Tampa, Hillsborough
County, FL:
Cat Rescue was called in to remove a 6 foot Burmese python from a children's
playground in Avila.

November 15, 2006 Gulf Breeze Zoo, FL: For the
second time in less than a week, The Zoo in Gulf Breeze has had difficulties
with its large cats. The compound was closed after two cougars escaped from
their pens for several hours. About 30 visitors had to move to secured areas
while a search was conducted. According to news reports, an opening in the
animals' enclosure was big enough to allow them to slip away. One cat
was recaptured after about an hour, but the second cougar took a little longer
to find. It was hit by two tranquilizer darts, but hid until an Escambia County
Sheriff ’s Office helicopter used infrared cameras to find it.

November 13, 2006 Gulf Breeze, FL: Nineteen-year-old
Adrienne Leopard, a zookeeper at the Zoo of Northwest Florida, was taken to
a local hospital after she was injured by a leopard. "She was too
close to one of our big cats," said Doug Kemper, executive director of
the zoo. The leopard snagged her sleeve with one of its claws and pulled her
arm inside (the cage). "He was just being playful," Kemper said. "But
even when they don't intend to hurt us, they have all the tools to do so. (Our
bodies) just can’t stand up to it." The Zoo of NW FL is located
at 5701 Gulf Breeze Parkway, Gulf Breeze, Florida.

9/13/06 Hillsborough County, FL Balm: Lancelot
Kollmann stumbled inside a cage with a 250-pound tiger named Rula. He paid
in blood. The last in a long line of lion tamers escaped the cage with cuts
on his left shoulder and a gash on his lip that took stitches to close. Kollmann's
family has been in traveling circuses for more than 200 years. His grandfather
was a lion tamer. His father and uncles owned big cats. He is licensed
by the state of Florida and USDA to exhibit exotic animals, including two leopards,
four jaguars, one elephant, five lions and 14 tigers.

Davenport, FL:
Darryl Atkinson, founder
of the Horseshoe Creek Wildlife Foundation was arrested on charges of keeping
a Bengal tiger in a cage that is too small and unsafe, said a Florida Fish
and Wildlife Conservation Commission arrest report. Since 2003, Atkinson has
been cited more than 20 times for not having large enough cages for animals
kept on the animal farm west of Davenport. He was cited an additional four
times in December 2005 on the same charges, the wildlife commission said. The
citations usually result in a fine, but Atkinson faces 11 first-degree misdemeanors
because of the numerous previous charges he has racked up over the years.

8/22/06 Tampa, FL Lowry Park Zoo: An open
cage at Lowry Park Zoo led to Sumatran tiger named Enshalla being shot to death
by the zoo's chief executive officer Lex Salisbury. The CEO had recently
fired a long term keeper who was considered too concerned about the animals'
welfare in favor of hiring staff who would not speak up for the animals. A
keeper with only two weeks of training with tigers was left by himself in charge. AZA,
USDA and the FWCC all acknowledged that there is no standardized training required.

Estero, FL
A Hybrid wolf escapes, bites a
woman and may have to be euthanized to check for rabies.


Stuart , FL

Fisherman catches 11-foot-long Burmese python. Snake is
suspected of being abandoned "pet." (UPI)


Miami-Dade , FL

Python devours turkey then gets stuck in fence. Snake
is abandoned "pet." ( St. Petersburg Times)


Miami-Dade , FL

10-to-12-foot-long python devours 18-pound Siamese cat.
Snake is abandoned "pet." (Sun Sentinel)


Miami-Dade , FL

13 foot-long non-native Burmese python burst after swallowing
6-foot alligator in the everglades. Burmese pythons dumped by their "owners"
have thrived in the wet and hot climate of Florida 's swamps over the
past 20 years. (Associated Press)


Mount Dora , FL

2 zebras escape from their pen and wander on state road.
Zebras are injured after truck slams into them. (


Wellington , FL

500-pound Bengal tiger escapes from Panther Ridge
after his caretaker neglects to latch his cage. 4-year
old tiger is loose for 2 hours before being tranquilized and returned
to his cage. His owner is cited for second-degree misdemeanor, escaped
captive wildlife. ( South Florida Sun-Sentinel )


Englewood , FL

13-foot-long python is found in busy street in Englewood
. (Sun Herald)


Tampa Bay , FL

Tiger cub bites woman's hand during exhibit at Tampa Bay
Auto Mall. 2 adult tigers and 2 cubs are on display so people can have
their photographs taken with tigers. Tigers are supplied by Bottomline
Events, in conjunction with Zoo Dynamics, which provides animals to zoos
and exhibits. Their caretaker is charged with unsafe handling of captive
wildlife, resulting in injury to person. ( St. Petersburg Times)


Vero Beach , FL

Serval is found dragging his left leg through underbrush
around sports complex. Serval has to be euthanized after it is discovered
animal has broken back. (


St. Augustine , FL

350-pound Siberian tiger, being walked on leash, attacks
and injures 14-year-old boy at St. John's County Fair. Tiger's handler
is also attacked and injured when he attempts to pull tiger off boy. Incident
is brought under control only after 2 police officers fire Taser stun
guns at tiger. Handler is owner of Catty Shack Ranch where tiger resides.
(Associated Press)


Port St. Lucie , FL

Vanilla Ice's "pet" wallaroo escapes from backyard
and is loose. Animal is later found and returned. ( Palm Beach Post)


Sarasota , FL

18-year-old circus worker is bitten by bear while trying
to break up aggressive behavior among several bears at Big Cat Habitat.
Man is flown to Bayfront Medical Center where he is listed in fair condition.
(The Tampa Tribune)


Vero Beach , FL

16-foot-long Burmese python is captured on city street
after passing motorist spots animal. Animal Control Officer suspects snake
escaped or was let loose. (Associated Press)


Loxahatchee , FL

6-year-old tiger belonging to actor who played Tarzan
escapes from his enclosure, jumps 12-foot fence that surrounds the property.
Tiger is later located and killed. (Newsday)


Mandeville , FL

For 2nd time in 2 years, 16-foot-long python escapes from
mobile home. (The Advocate)


Silver Springs , FL

Adult brown bear at Silver Springs' World of Bears bites
bearkeeper's arm near shoulder, according to press statement. Keeper is
hospitalized for treatment. Bear will be quarantined for 10 days for observation.
(, Newschannel 2)


Lakeland , FL

2 "pet" wolf-hybrids attack and kill neighbor's dog after
they escape from their own yard. These hybrids are 2 of 16 wolf-hybrids
kept in neighborhood backyard. (The Ledger)


East Manatee, FL

2 giant pythons are found in ditch by county workers.
Snakes likely released by their "owner" or escaped their enclosure, although
no one has reported them missing. ( Sarasota Herald-Tribune)


Dade City , FL

"Pet" cougar is found lounging near neighbor's
pool 3/10ths of mile away from his home. Animal's possessor retrieves
animal without incident, but she will have to appear in court for allowing
cougar to escape. ( Tampa Tribune)


Miami , FL

Thelma, 20-year-old, 150-lb. orangutan, bites veterinarian's
hand at Metrozoo. Thelma, on loan from Oakland Zoo, is being treated for
small foot injury through bars of her holding area when she grabs woman's
arm, pulls it through bars and bites down, crushing bones. Veterinarian
is treated at Baptist Hospital . (KIRO-TV Channel 7 (CBS) Seattle, Associated


Tampa , FL

12-foot-long Burmese python escapes from his enclosure.
( Tampa Tribune)


Town and Country, FL

Man's "pet" mamba snake bites him half-dozen
times on forearm and wrist and man is rushed to hospital. Man possesses
26 poisonous snakes and 4 small crocodiles in his mobile home. 4 small
children also reside in mobile home. ( Tampa Tribune)


Tampa , FL

First-grader is bitten by pygmy rattlesnake. ( Tampa Tribune)


Tampa , FL

6-foot-long Boa constrictor escapes from his cage. ( Tampa


Manatee County , FL

12-foot-long Burmese python escapes and is found next
day. ( Bradenton Herald)


Panama City , FL

10-foot-long Burmese python is found near fish pond. Animal
Control captures snake. (Associated Press)


Rockledge , FL

80-pound Burmese python, Lurch, escapes from his cage
and wraps tightly around leg of his possessor's mother. Paramedics arrive
and free the woman. (The Tallahassee Democrat)


Orlando , FL

7-foot alligator at Gatorland bites handler on face. Handler
is preparing for park's Gator Wrestling Show, which takes place in 800-seat
arena, when alligator bites him. Handler is in fair condition with gash
to face and will probably need stitches. Handler has 4 years' experience
handling large reptiles at park. ( Orlando Sentinel Tribune)


Tampa , FL

Shark at Florida Aquarium bites woman who puts her hand
into shark tank. Less than 2 feet long, shark was part of petting tank
exhibit, but has since been removed from petting tank. (Ananova News Search,
St. Petersburg Times)


Jacksonville , FL

Chad , 450-pound Bengal tiger with UniverSoul Circus,
squeezes through opening between his cage and holding cage and escapes.
Climbing over car and over fence, Chad startles police officer and drive-in
worker at nearby Wendy's before circus workers coax him back inside cage.
100s of people witness Chad 's escape. (Associated Press, The Florida
Times-Union, WJXT-TV Channel 4 ( IND ) Jacksonville )


Fort Myers , FL

Man is hospitalized and given 10 vials of antivenin after
his "pet" cobra bites him in stomach. (Associated Press)


Miami , FL

Exotic cat is found along Florida highway. Cat's "owner"
claims animal was stolen. (WSVN-TV Channel 7 (Fox))


Bradenton , FL

15-inch alligator is reported missing from local pet store.
( Sarasota Herald-Tribune)


Miami , FL

20-year-old female elephant at Metrozoo knocks down 31-year-old
zookeeper and kicks him into pile of rocks. Knocked unconscious, zookeeper
suffers laceration to head and injury to back and is listed in critical
condition at hospital. Crowd of visitors who witness attack include children.
(Associated Press)


Southport , FL

Samson, 500-lb. African lion at Knoll's 77 Zoological
Park, attacks zookeeper who enters cage for photo. Lion grabs man, throws
him in corner, and chews before releasing man. Zookeeper, who has hole
ripped in throat, right eye pulled out of its socket, severed tendons
in neck and chest, torn skin, bites down to bone, is listed in critical
condition for 11 days. He loses 80% of eyesight and needs operation to
restore vision. He has trained large animals since age 12 when he began
training bears in circus in Europe . (Associated Press)


Bishop, FL

Woman discovers 8-foot-long "pet" python in
her backyard. ( Bradenton Herald)


Gainesville , FL

Director of Kanapaha Botanical Gardens is working in 1
of parks' water lily gardens when 11-foot alligator, MoJo, bites off his
right arm just below elbow. MoJo is harpooned, shot, and his stomach slit
open to retrieve arm, but surgeons are unable to reattach arm. Man is
listed in fair condition. (Associated Press, York News Times)


Tampa , FL

"Pet" kinkajou scratches and bites 3 children.
Judge orders animal be euthanized to determine if he had rabies.
(WFLA-TV Channel 8 (NBC))


Okaloosa County , FL

Escaped emu is killed after chasing 1 dog and harassing
others. (WKMG -


Tampa , FL

350-lb. African lion rips arm off 21-year-old Busch Gardens
zookeeper while she is giving her family private tour. Injury is not first
for Busch, which houses hippos, hyenas, baboons, and crocodiles. In 1989,
animal keeper is crushed to death by 2-ton elephant. In 1993, rattlesnake
bites zookeeper, who survives. And in 1999, woman claims Clydesdale horse
bit off tip of her finger. ( Tampa Tribune)


Leesburg , FL

4 Burmese pythons who escaped their cage are recovered
next day in closet of nearby home. ( Orlando Sentinel Tribune)


The Redlands , FL

"Pet" monkey escapes and is loose. (CBS 4 News)


Boynton Beach , FL

Capuchin monkey escapes his home and is found 1 mile away
in tree house. (Sun Sentinel)


Hollywood , FL

"Pet" iguana bites off teenager's finger tip.


Tampa , FL

"Pet" bison escapes from his enclosure. (WTSP-TV
Channel 10)


Loxahatchee , FL

750-pound "pet" Siberian-Bengal mix Tiger bites
head of 58-year-old woman. Woman is hospitalized in critical condition
with skull fracture. ( Palm Beach Post)


Miami , FL

While being led to holding pen at Miami Metrozoo, 1,400-lb.
camel knocks handler to ground and rolls and stomps on him. Camel was
1 of 3 giving children rides at zoos throughout Miami-Dade County . Handler
is airlifted to hospital and later released. (Ananova News Search, Miami


Hollywood , FL

12-year-old boy loses tip of finger when his "pet"
iguana bites it off. (San Antonio Express-News)


Palm Beach , FL

31-year-old man is bitten by captive Diamondback rattlesnake.
He receives treatment at nearby hospital. (Sun-Sentinel)


Mandeville , FL

12-foot-long python escapes from mobile home. (The Advocate)


Davie , FL

7-year-old boy is taken to hospital for stitches after
being attacked and bitten "bone-deep" on neck by 40-pound declawed
African serval at PepsiCo International picnic. Child is walking by when
unattended serval leaps on him and knocks him to ground. Pangaea Productions
hired to bring serval and other animals to event as entertainment. (Associated


Gainesville , FL

Man bitten by coral snake is in stable condition after
receiving antivenin. It is uncertain how man came to be bitten by snake,
but it is presumed that snake was his "pet." (Associated Press)


Jacksonville , FL

10-1/2-foot albino boa snake latches onto wrist of man
and will not let go. Snake is killed while man is freed. (The Florida


Orlando , FL

13-foot-long king cobra is found in garage underneath
cabinet. After 4 hours of trying to capture snake, homeowner shoots snake.
Possessor is ticketed for failing to keep snake in safe and secure environment.
(The Deseret News and St. Petersburg Times)


Pompano, FL

Woman is bitten by 5-foot-long Monaco cobra snake and
falls into coma. Snake's possessor does not have permit to keep snake
and does not accompany woman to hospital to inform medical personnel what
type of antivenin to use. Possessor is charged with 4 misdemeanors for
owning and storing the snake improperly. ( Orlando Sentinel and Sun-Sentinel)


Palm Harbor , FL

Man is bitten on hand by coral snake. ( St. Petersburg


Boynton Beach , FL

12-foot python escapes and is loose for more than 3 weeks.
Snake is found on September 19 in neighbor's backyard. (Sun-Sentinel)


Clearwater , FL

11-foot Burmese python, Jake, escapes from his backyard
cage and is loose for 2 days. Snake will remain in custody of "reptile
trapper" who caught snake pending outcome of investigation into captive
living conditions and what led to his escape. ( St. Petersburg Times)


Center Hill , FL

500-lb. male Siberian tiger at Savage Kingdom breaks into
adjoining cage and fatally mauls workman who there to make repairs.
Tiger is shot by park's operator. (Associated Press)


Little Torch Key, FL

"Pet" mountain lion escaped from her enclosure
and is seen roaming neighborhood. Mountain lion is captured and returned
to her enclosure. (News Barometer -- Sheriff's Blotter)


Miami , FL

"Pet" jungle cat escapes his enclosure and is
returned to his possessor. (WSVN-TV, Channel 7 (FOX))


Fort Lauderdale , FL

Wolf-hybrid escapes and is loose in Fort Lauderdale for
more than 3 weeks. ( Miami Herald)


Silver Springs , FL

11-foot Burmese python is found along busy state highway.
Snake was run over by car and rescued by passerby. Snake is probably abandoned
"pet." ( Miami Herald)


Pensacola , FL

Orangutan at The Zoo escapes through cage door left unlocked
and then attacks and bites keeper who tries to coax animal back inside.
Keeper treated at local hospital for bruises and 5 bite wounds to knee.
( Pensacola News Journal)


Riverview , FL

Elephant at winter facility of Ramos Family Circus breaks
away from tether to tree and attacks and stomps to death female family
member. Other elephant at compound involved in 02/21/99 incident at Poughkeepsie
, NY . ( St. Petersburg Times)


Southwest Ranches, FL

"Pet" monkey, Mikey, bites 2 teenage girls after
he escapes from home. Girls sustain bites to arms and faces. ( Miami Herald)


Keystone Point , FL

"Pet" African serval escapes from his home and
scares neighboring family before he is captured and returned. (Miami-Dade)


Palm Harbor , FL

"Pet" spider monkey escapes from his cage, finds
his way to neighborhood park and attacks Siberian husky. Husky requires
surgery to repair artery and tendon injuries. While dog, dog's owner is
bitten by monkey. (Associated Press)


Port Orange , FL

32-year-old man dies after his 12-1/2 -foot-long reticulated
python bites him. Python grabs man's forehead and then wraps himself around
man's body, suffocating him. (United Press International)


Hernando County , FL

Homemade trap captures "pet" cougar missing
for more than 10 months. Cougar had been eating livestock in area. ( St.
Petersburg Times)


Hernando , FL

6-year-old girl is attacked by "pet" cougar
while playing outside friend's house. Cougar is on 8-foot chain leash
bolted to floor when he grabs hold of girl. Girl requires 12 stitches.
( St. Petersburg Times)


Tarpon Springs , FL

"Pet" wallaby is on run after escaping from
her pen. ( St. Petersburg Times)


Fruitland Park , FL

Man's 13-foot "pet" python squeezes his 18-month-old
son nearly to death after it slithers into backyard. Boy is bitten in
face and requires plastic surgery to repair damage to his eye. Python
is subsequently destroyed by animal control officer. ( Miami Herald)


Kissimmee , FL

"Pet" monkey escapes from his cage by chewing
rope used to hold cage door shut and roams neighborhood. Monkey jumps
on 13-year-old boy's leg, scratching him. Monkey then bites police officer
and pulls hair of another before he is captured. ( Orlando Sentinel)


DeLand , FL

Monitor lizard measuring almost 6 feet is loose in residential
neighborhood. Police shoot lizard. Reptile suspected to be someone's "pet."
( Dayton Beach News)


Punta Gorda Isles, FL

"Pet" monkey is loose in mobile home park and
acts aggressively toward residents in area. Police officer uses 12-gauge
shotgun to shoot 2-foot-tall rhesus monkey. ( Sarasota Herald Tribune)


Tampa , FL

"Pet" Capuchin monkey, Angel, while apparently
kissing and hugging her owner, starts nipping woman under her chin. As
woman attempts to put Angel back in her cage, Angel attacks and bites
woman 50 times. Woman suffers bites to hands, arms, and right leg, and
requires stitches on right knee. ( St. Petersburg Times)


Chiefland , FL

Siberian tiger cub is found alongside highway after apparently
falling or jumping from trailer. Veterinarian at wildlife rehabilitation
center finds several sores on cub's body that do not appear consistent
with fall onto roadway. (The Herald)


Gainesville , FL

5 weeks after killing trainer, white Bengal tiger kills
owner by biting her in neck while she hand-feeds him. ( St. Petersburg


Gainesville , FL

Tiger described in 11/13/98 incident kills trainer after
being startled while being moved from one cage to another. (Reuters)


Gainesville , FL

5-foot-long "pet" python bites woman's fingers
as she attempts to "pet" snake. Snake knots himself around woman's
lower forearm and only lets go when firefighters discharge 3 blasts of
carbon dioxide into snake's face. ( Boca Raton News)


St. Petersburg , FL

Tiger with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus
grabs trainer by head and drags him around ring, inflicting severe head
injuries. (Reuters)


Charlotte County , FL

Baboon at Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary grabs 6-year-old
girl, inflicting minor injuries. ( Sarasota Herald Tribune)


Sarasota , FL

Lioness at Kissimmee Zoo escapes while handlers fix her
cage. Animal recaptured after spending 2 days in swamp near zoo. ( Sarasota


Palm Beach , FL

Man is charged with 5 misdemeanor wildlife charges after
his "pet" macaque monkey, Ringo, bites girl. One charge includes
trying to sell monkey illegally after incident. Ringo harbors herpes B
virus. Ringo is to be tested to determine if virus was active. (Sun-Sentinel)


Pompano Beach , FL

Woman awakes in middle of night with 5-1/2-foot rainbow
boa constrictor across shoulders and legs. Police capture boa and take
it home to "foster" cage. Presumably snake is lost "pet."
(Sun Sentinel)


Orlando , FL

Tiger mauls keeper at Savage Kingdom exotic cat breeding
compound, severely mangling man's leg. (Associated Press)


Sarasota , FL

"Pet" cougar bites hand of woman assured by
handler that animal is tame. Bites to hand and forearms cause serious
injury. ( Sarasota Herald-Tribune)


Loxahatchee , FL

Cougar named Missy briefly escapes from property where
she is housed by jumping over 10-foot wall after barrier fence falls down.
( Palm Beach Post)


Daytona Beach , FL

Child riding elephant at Octoberfest festival knocks her
head when she slips in seat and falls on her side. Girl taken to hospital
for treatment of possible concussion. ( Daytona Beach News Journal)


Miami , FL

Tiger mauls and kills senior zookeeper at Miami Metrozoo
when keeper opens door to cage. ( Miami Herald)



"Pet" Cynomolgus monkey, Herpes B virus positive,
bites child. Also, monkey is known to kiss its owner, eat off his plate,
and sleep with him. (CDC)


Palm Beach , FL

Lion attacks worker at Lion Country Safari, inflicting
severe puncture wounds to head and chest. ( Miami Herald)


Tampa , FL

Elephant at Lowry Park Zoo pins keeper to ground and kicks
her in head, killing her. (Associated Press)


Williston , FL

Elephant at Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus
compound knocks down trainer, stomps on chest, kills him. (Associated


Tampa , FL

Elephant named Tillie is being positioned for performance
at Lowry Park Zoo when she tries to push trainer into moat surrounding
exhibit. Trainer and another return Tillie to barn where she is disciplined,
chained, and put through series of commands. Tillie obeys and is returned
to outdoor exhibit. ( St. Petersburg Times)


Palm Beach , FL

Elephant with Great American Circus rampages and charges
midway in circus tent while giving rides. Woman and 4 children taking
ride are rescued but elephant hits police officer, uses her trunk to throw
him twice to ground. Animal is shot and killed by police. 12 people are
injured during panic, none seriously. ( Miami Herald)


Miami , FL

Circus elephant with Hanneford Family Circus is startled
by passing car while being led to appearance at swap shop. Elephant falls
on her handler who is crushed to death while animal struggles to get back
on her feet. ( Miami Herald)


West Palm Beach , FL

Rampaging elephant at Lion Country Safari gores handler
with her tusks after animal lifts man with her trunk, spins him around,
and throws him twice to ground. Handler survives after emergency surgery.
( Miami Herald)