Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tiger attacks toddler on S. African game farm

24/06/2007 22:49 - (SA)
Tom de Wet, Die Volksblad

Heilbron - A Bengal tiger has severely mauled an 18-month-old girl's face and she has been admitted to hospital with her father whose hand was injured in the attack.

Apparently, 31-year-old Casper Kruger of Markfontein farm was kneeling in front of the tiger's cage before the attack with Maygan on his lap.

After the attack early on Saturday afternoon Kruger and his daughter, who were on a day trip to the farm, were stabilised by a Heilbron doctor before the emergency service, ER24, took them to Midvaal Hospital in Twee Riviere, Vereeniging.

A spokesperson for ER24 said the child had serious facial injuries and Kruger's hand had been injured.

When Beeld visited the hospital in Vereeniging on Sunday, staff said they had been asked not to reveal any details regarding the injuries to the child.

Albert Bezuidenhout, owner of the farm where Maygan and her father were injured on Saturday, said he was quite satisfied that he had met all regulatory requirements, and could not be held responsible for Kruger and his daughter's injuries. He had received confirmation of this from legal sources.

Upset about incorrect reports

Bezuidenhout was upset about incorrect news reports on various radio stations that the little girl had died, that a leopard had eaten her and that nature conservation requirements had not been met.

He was in Durban for the weekend, but he had been assured by his workers that nothing had gone wrong on their side.

Sworn statements to this effect already had been made to police.

He said a Bengal tiger had been involved, and not a lion or a leopard, as had been reported.

Bezuidenhout said he had already been told by Nature Conservation that they would be visiting his farm for an investigation on Monday.

He said he had had wild animals on the farm for many years, and knew that they always remained dangerous.

That was exactly why he was so strict about the rules and regulations, and why there were so many notice boards on the farm.

Warning notices

A large number of yellow notice boards at Moratuwa Game and Holiday Farm near Heilbron warn visitors about the dangers of the wild animals on the farm.

Parents are warned to be with their children at all times, and to stay at least two metres away from the fences around the animal enclosures.

Since 2005, reports Danél Blaauw, the following attacks involving wild animals have made headlines in South Africa:

June 17 2007: two lions rip Tsepo Gearupi, nine, to shreds apparently after he stuck his arm into their enclosure. The attack took place on a farm in the Boshoek-Bray area in North West;

May 2007: A male cheetah attacks Ingrad Swart, a lion-rights activist from Kroonstad, when she walks into its enclosure. She was slightly injured;

April 25 2007: Luis Titus, 31, an American hunter is attacked during a hunt at the Tam Safari game hunting farm near Cradock. Titus manages to shoot and kill the lion while it is on top of him;

April 22 2007: Dirk Brink, owner of the Krugersdorp Game Farm is partly devoured by his own pride of lions at the Ngonyama Lion Lodge. Brink was found to have had a stroke and fallen from his bakkie;

February 18 2006: 7de Laan soapie star Elma Postma (Dezi) nearly loses her right middle-finger after trying to stroke a tame lion through the wire enclosure during a visit to Shingalana Game Farm near Klerksdorp; and

July 2005: a Bengal tiger sinks his teeth into the leg of 17-year-old Bianca Rosse and grabs her by the neck while she is visiting a lion park near East London.

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Lions rip boy to shreds on S. African game farm

19/06/2007 08:03 - (SA)

Linda de Beer, Beeld

Vryburg - All that remained of a nine-year-old boy who was caught and eaten by lions on a farm in the Boshoek/Bray area in North West on Sunday, was a small piece of his skull.

Police spokesperson Charlize van der Linden said Tsepo Gearupi apparently put his arm through the gate of the lion enclosure, where one of the lions grabbed him and pulled him into the camp.

Van der Linden said farmworkers went to the lion enclosures on Sunday afternoon to see the animals and take photos.

The children were supposed to stay at home, but they sneaked out later to follow the adults.

"The grown-ups only realised that the children were at the lion camps when they heard screams. There were eight lions in the camp in which Tsepo was, but apparently only two attacked him."

The boy was from Morakweng, outside Ganyesa. It was not yet clear how he was connected to the farm.

Van der Linden said the owners of the farm were apparently away for the weekend.

http://www.news24.com/News24/South_Africa/News/ 0,,2-7-1442_2132418,00.html

Lions kill man in S. African game farm enclosure

14/06/2007 16:12 - (SA)

Polokwane - A Zimbabwean illegal immigrant was killed and his brother narrowly escaped death when they landed in a lion enclosure at a game farm in Limpopo, police said on Thursday.

Police spokesperson Superintendent Mohale Ramatseba confirmed that an inquest docket has been opened after lions killed a Zimbabwean man.

The SABC reported that two brothers were crossing the border to South African when two lions attacked them.

The elder brother was killed and the younger brother escaped death by climbing a tree.

http://www.news24.com/News24/South_Africa/News/ 0,,2-7-1442_2130135,00.html

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

"Pet" lion, tiger kill Mexico City man

From correspondents in Mexico City
June 05, 2007

A LION and a tiger kept as exotic pets on the roof of a Mexican meat processing plant have killed a man feeding them, Mexican media have said.

Caretaker Angel Aguilar, 56, was taking pieces of chicken to feed the two big cats when the lion swiped at him through the bars of its cage and pulled him inside, Reforma daily said.

The tiger then joined in the attack.

Paramedics arrived at the plant in the Mexico City suburb of Iztapalapa while the man was still alive but they could not get past the animals to treat him.

The two big cats, which had separate quarters of a big cage but came together to eat, were kept by the plant's owner as pets and in good condition, according to reports.

After the attack, which left scraps of bloodstained clothing on the floor of the cage, the animals were sedated and the tiger's jaws tied around a chunk of wood.

The tiger later died, apparently of suffocation, after being transported by animal protection authorities to a nearby zoo in a small container.

The lion survived the journey.

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