Saturday, December 01, 2007

This Tiger Needs Help

This Tiger Needs Help

This crippled tiger lives in the Varna’s Zoo (in Varna, Bulgaria) and he’s treated in extremely bad conditions.

His cage is about 20 square meters big and it’s made of a pure concrete - without absolutely no verdure. The floor is sully with his fecal matter and urine - and they put his food on top of that. The animal must tread it and you can feel everywhere a suffocate smell from his excrements. The tiger have something like a shelter in the wall but it’s obviously too small and narrow.

It’s a terrible scene to see this majestic animal go in circles in this dirty and tiny cage.

The Zoo’s management obviously don’t care because the condition of all the animals there is very bad since 1990’s and becoming even worse every day - every attempts for intervene were unsuccessful.

We don’t ask for funding to improve this tiger’s surrounding area (we know that they will not use the money properly...) and because all the animals in this Zoo needs that more or less. We’re asking to somehow somebody take away this tiger and relocate it in a better place - with space, vegetation, food and attention that he needs.

Here You can see photos of the tiger (6-7 days old):

With hope that this mail will find a positive response,
Kristina Hristova and Dimitar Atanasov

Please do not support zoos or other facilities that keep animals in such appalling conditions. Before you support a place find out how the animals are housed, including the ones behind the scenes. Even most modern zoos, with natural looking enclosures keep most of their animals out or site or inside for most of their lives in a concrete and iron prison.

To see a higher resolution video click here:

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The Zoo does't have an official site and e-mail but it is a property of the state so people can contact the municipality too:

Varna’s Zoo, Bulgaria

+359 52 302528
5 'M. Saltanat' Str,
9000, Varna
Varna Municipality


Telephones: (
Main secretary: +359 52 659 125

The zoo posts an invalid email address, so please take the time to write the following officials:

Kiril Yordanov - Mayer -
Boris Karnovski - Vice-mayer -
Miroslav Conev - Vice-mayer -
Mihail Kulikov - Main secretary -
Deiana Cholakova - Technical ensure -
Deiana Yordanova - Technical ensure -

Dimitar Stankov - Chief of "International collaboration and integration" department -
Mirela Donkova - Main expert in "International collaboration" -

Aleksi Aleksiev - Chief of "Management of the property" department -
Diqna Gabrovska - Chief of "Property of the municipality" department -
Neika Hristova - Chief of "Management of the municipality's property" sector -