Monday, March 29, 2010

Bengal Tiger on the Loose?

Bengal Tiger on the Loose?

Monday, Mar 29, 2010 @09:24am

Police and animal control officers were searching Thursday for a big cat believed to be prowling Cincinnati's Avondale neighborhood.

Witnesses described the animal as a lion or tiger.

Authorities said they received one report Wednesday and three more on Thursday and more than eight other witnesses described the same animal.

Animal control officials said despite usually high prices for exotic animals, lion cubs are selling on the black market at an alarming rate and some for less than $1,000.

They said they believe this big cat that was spotted may be someone's pet that will make its way back home, but may not be real happy when it gets there.

India: Leopard escapes from enclosure, injures two people

India Gazette
Sunday 28th March, 2010

A fully grown male leopard escaped from its enclosure at a rescue and rehabilitation centre for wild animals here Sunday, triggering panic among the residents of the adjoining area as it mauled two people before it was recaptured.

This was the second leopard escape from the Tuttikandi rescue centre, located on the outskirts of the city, in less than a month.

'An adult male leopard today (Sunday) escaped from the Tutikandi rehabilitation and rescue centre. After more than three hours of search, we spotted it in densely populated Khalini area, around 4 km from the rescue centre. We managed to tranquilise it with the help of a cartridge-propelled rifle,' centre's in-charge Sandeep Rattan told IANS.

'Initially, two tranquiliser darts were used. As the dose was not sufficient to sedate it, we administered two more doses. In the meantime, it attacked and injured two locals,' said Rattan, who is a veterinary surgeon.

According to him, the leopard may have escaped as its door was left open due to negligence of the caretakers.

'The leopard is back in the enclosure. It has recovered from the effects of the sedatives,' a wildlife official said.

He said the leopard was trapped when it strayed into a house in a village near Shimla four years ago.

Two adult leopards escaped from their enclosure Feb 27 and were recaptured after two-hour search.

Two people, including Rattan, were injured when they were trying to trap them.

The rescue centre houses seven leopards, a leopard cat and 11 black bears.


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Monday, March 22, 2010

Tiger Gives Man Deadly Wake-Up Call in Jambi

Tiger Gives Man Deadly Wake-Up Call in Jambi

March 23, 2010
Fidelis E Satriastanti & AFP

A man was killed when a Sumatran tiger dragged him from a forest hut, breaking his neck and crushing his skull before his friends could save him, a conservation official said on Monday.

The 25-year-old victim died from injuries sustained in the Sunday night attack at Berbak National Park in Jambi, the provincial conservation agency head Didi Wuryanto told Agence France-Presse.

“A Sumatran tiger went into the makeshift hut while they were asleep and dragged one of the men out,” he said. “His friends heard screaming, but when they got to him, it was too late.”

Authorities are investigating why the men camped overnight in a forest where tigers were known to roam, he added.

Human-animal conflicts are becoming a rising problem as people encroach on wildlife habitats, particularly in the rainforests of Sumatra and Kalimantan.

In a separate development, officials on Monday said that the adult female tiger and three cubs found during a recent raid of an estate in Pondok Cabe Ilir, Tangerang, were indeed critically endangered Sumatran tigers.

The Feb. 20 raid, which involved officers from the National Police and Jakarta’s Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA), also found 20 other exotic animals, including four birds of paradise, two Timor deer, three eclectus parrots and other rare birds in a two-hectare property belonging to Henry Yukio Sujatim.

“We have already done DNA tests on the tigers and they are Sumatran tigers,” said Darori, the Ministry of Forestry’s director general for forest protection and nature conservation, adding that the animals were now being quarantined at the Gadog Animal Rescue Center in Bogor and Tegal Alur Animal Rescue Center in West Jakarta.

He said Henry faced up to five years in prison and a Rp 100 million ($11,000) fine.

But Muslim Arief Toengkagie, head of the Jakarta BKSDA, said the owner had not been taken into custody because he was cooperating with authorities.

Irma Hermawati, coordinator of the Wildlife Advocacy Institution, said the owner needed to be thoroughly investigated to help bring down the illegal animal trade.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Man survives tiger attack in Jambi

Man survives tiger attack in Jambi

The Jakarta Post , Jakarta Sat, 03/13/2010 7:05 PM National

A man is receiving an intensive medical treatment at Raden Mattaher Hospital in Jambi city after surviving a tiger attack on Thursday, Antara reported.

The tiger mauled Ishak, 37, late at night on Thursday as the sandalwood collector was resting inside a hut. One of his friends ran for a help and managed to release him from the carnivore.

Ishak suffered severe injuries to his neck, back and legs due to the attack.

“He survived after his friend pulled him from the tiger’s claws as the animal was trying to drag him into the forest,” Didiek Wurjanto, head of Jambi Natural Resources Conservation Agency, said.

Didiek said Ishak and his friends were collecting sandalwood at Berbak National Park.

It was the first case of tiger attack this year. The conservation agency data revealed eight people were mauled to death by tigers in Jambi last year.

Tiger in unlocked cage kills Shanghai zookeeper

Tiger in unlocked cage kills Shanghai zookeeper

Source: Global Times
[01:12 March 08 2010]
By Jiang Wanjuan in Beijing and Zhou Ping in Shanghai

An animal keeper was killed by a Bengal tiger at the Shanghai Zoo Saturday morning after the zookeeper forgot to lock the tiger's cage.

Li Zhonglin, 53, was mauled by the tiger while cleaning outside the cage with its door unlocked, according to the Shanghai Municipal Management Bureau of Greening and City Appearance.

A visitor told the Shanghai-based Xinmin Evening News that he saw the tiger suddenly jump on the keeper and snap his neck before the man could cry out for help.

"The zoo's tigers seemed very cranky so they must have been hungry for several days," he said.

Visitors who witnessed the incident through a glass window of the exhibition room were not exposed to danger.

Zoo patrollers called veterinarians with narcotic rifles to the scene after being alerted by visitors. The tiger was subdued within 10 minutes.

Medical personnel confirmed Li's death at the scene.

There is no emergency alarm button at the zoo, according to the bureau's statement.

The 11-year-old male tiger has lived at the zoo for over a year. The big cat has been put in isolation from the other three tigers for further observation, a zoo official told the Global Times Sunday, requesting that his name be withheld.

"The tiger will return to the cage only after his behavior is considered normal," the official said.

Many people believe the tiger attacked its keeper out of hunger. A zoo cleaner who asked for anonymity told the Global Times that the tigers are usually hungry on Saturdays because the zoo doesn't feed them on Fridays. But he did not elaborate.

"Tigers only attack people when hungry, in estrus or under attack," Hang Huan, master of biology, told the Global Times. "Most likely, the tiger was hungry."

The tragedy resulted when the zookeeper let down his guard, according to Shanghai Zoo officials.

Under normal procedure, animal keepers are supposed to lock the tigers in their cage at the rear of the exhibition room before they clean and prepare breakfast for the wild cats in front, but Li forgot to lock the door between them.

Li's co-workers were in shock and disbelief over the tragedy.

Li was a veteran animal keeper with over 31 years of experience. He had been the caretaker for the Bengal tiger since it arrived at the zoo.

"We've sent consolations to Li's family and now we are considering compensation," said the anonymous official with the Shanghai Zoo. She told the Global Times that Li's family is trying to cope with his death and has not demanded compensation.

Police blocked off the tiger enclosure, but other sections of the zoo were open as usual.