Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom *Big Cats!!

Feeding over 100 tigers, lions and leopards each day requires lots of food, watch the cats enjoy their dinner in this fun video!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

LYNX gets a haircut!

Dances With Wolves  had been bottle raised and sold to someone who expected her to bond with him. His cats do commercials and ads and she was not inclined to do either. Living on Easy Street now, she can do what comes natural to her. Big Cat Rescue's resident Canadian Lynx gets rid of her bad hairdo!


Monday, March 21, 2011

Quick relief for tiger attack victims now

Vijay Pinjarkar, TNN, Mar 19, 2011, 04.26am IST

NAGPUR: At a time when man-animal conflict is at its peak, the state government has come out with relief to tiger attack victims by providing compensation without waiting for funds.

A GR issued by the state government recently states that legal heir of victims who die in attack by wild animals will get immediate relief. Even those injured in such attacks will get quick compensation

The GR states that even if funds are not available and the balance sheet is in minus, victim will get immediate aid. There are many complaints that kin of victims don't get financial relief in time.

The demand was made by chief wildlife warden DC Pant during a meeting with deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar during the assembly session in Nagpur. Pant pursued the matter.

"There have been compensation cases pending for years. This not only puts forest department in bad light but the field staff too has to face the ire of villagers. It also leads to locals turning against tigers," a senior official said.

The government pays Rs 2 lakh to the kin of victims who die in wild animal attack or suffer permanent disability. Besides, Rs 50,000 is paid to those injured. The government also bears the medical expenses of the injured.

During the last four years (2006-10), the man-conflict has increased in Vidarbha from 30% to 70%. At least 69 persons have been killed by tigers and leopards in Chandrapur district alone in the past six years from January 2005. In many cases compensation has still not been paid. However, the situation is expected to change in the current financial year.

Tiger kills man in Nagbhid tehsil

TNN, Mar 20, 2011, 12.35am IST

CHANDRAPUR: A tiger killed a person and partially ate his body in the fields near Menha Kirmiti village in Nagbhid tehsil during midnight hours of Friday. Body of Shriram Atram (55) was recovered later in the same night by the villagers, but the reason of his visit to the remote area away from the village could not be ascertained.

Sources in forest department informed that Atram left his house at around 11pm and went into the fields around a kilometre away from the village. As he reached the nullah near the farm, a tiger lurking there pounced on him. The beast later dragged the body to some distance and devoured it before going back into the jungle.

"Later the villagers found his mutilated body lying near the nullah. The tiger had eaten some part of the body. Why he went to a distant farm (not owned by him) that too late in the night is still not clear," said DCF, Bhrahmapuri division, Sanjay Thawre.

Thawre informed that the family members of Atram have confirmed that he was in home till late night watching television, but later he went out without informing any one.

Thawre confirmed that it was the act of a tiger. "The place is close to the jungle. The tiger might have come there to drink water in the nullah. As Atram reached there at the same time, the beast attacked and killed him. We have recovered pugmarks of a tiger near the kill," said Thawre.

He informed that forest officials reached the spot on Saturday morning and sent the body for post mortem. An ex-gratia of Rs 10,000 has been paid to the kin for funeral formalities and the compensation of Rs 2 lakh against the death would paid later after the completion of documental formalities. Notably it is second instance when tiger had made human kill in the district this year. As many as 12 people were killed in tiger attacks in the district last year.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Backyard Tigers of America...

Did you know that it is 100% LEGAL to own tigers, lions and other exotic big cats as "pets" in the United States? There are literally thousand of big cats existing in horrible conditions in backyards across America...

Sunday, March 06, 2011


Do tigers hate cinnamon? We have 13 tigers at Big Cat Rescue so we decided to put cinnamon to the test and find out..... We also gave cinnamon to a few of our lions to see what they thought to the baking spice!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


The CIRCUS is NO FUN for the animals...

Big Cat Rescue does something called Operant Conditioning to  teach our cats to do things we need them to do for medical reasons, such  as lean against the fence to get their shots or open their mouth so we  can look at their teeth.  We do this with rewards and the cats have fun  because they are smart and bored and love the attention.  We never  punish or withhold food to make them do something, and the cats only do  it when they want to -- not on our schedule.

But because tigers and lions in circus acts must perform specific  acts at precise times and "the show must go on," positive reinforcement  is not the only method used by circus trainers or night club magicians.   Often the cats are beaten, starved and confined for long periods of  time in order to get them to cooperate with what the trainers want.  And  life on the road means that most of a cat's life is spent in a circus wagon in the back of a semi-truck or in a crowded, stinking box car on a  train or barge.

The messages the public gets from circus acts couldn't be worse.   These acts either show man dominating one of nature's most magnificent  creatures, which would never happen on an even playing field, or worse  are promoted as illustrations of the "special bond" the trainer has with  his captive.  The latter just fuels the trade in big cats as pets and  that never ends well for the cat.